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Rockstars & Polka Dots

by Karla on January 5, 2012

vintage sequined polka dot cardigan

This is my Rockstar pose.

I know what you’re thinking, “Rockstars don’t wear polka dots!” But had I any actual talent to be a rockstar, I would have definitely made it “rock ‘n’ roll” to wear polka dots. Then again, if I were a real rockstar, I’d probably be too cool for them… So I’m kind of glad I don’t have it in me to be a rockstar, because then I wouldn’t be able to rock the heck out of this cardigan. Yeah, I’m happy to give up my hypothetical life as a rockstar for polka dots. What can I say? I LOVE polka dots.


Twitter’s got me hash tagging #every #single #word. By the way, are you following me on Twitter? I usually share pictures but occasionally throw in a random thought.

So anyway, I knew from the moment I got this cardigan that I’d have to dress it down. Sequins can be tricky to wear, especially in the day time. But they’re so much fun! I seriously need to incorporate sequins into my daily wardrobe. They make me feel utterly girly and glam.

When was the last time you wore sequins?

Hope everyone has an awesome weekend!

vintage sequined polka dot cardigan

vintage sequined cardigan | random white tee | F21 jeans | Mossimo pumps | vintage pink snakeskin clutch

vintage sequined polka dot cardigan

vintage sequined polka dot cardigan

vintage sequined polka dot cardigan

My iPhone case is supa kawaii!

vintage sequined polka dot cardigan


Neon + Neutral

by Karla on June 16, 2011

I was pretty excited when I found out that the next Bloggers Do It Better challenge would be Neon + Neutral because I knew I would be wearing these shoes. As always, when I spotted these it was love at first sight! I love pink so of course I would love neon pink. But since they’re so bright I knew I had to pair them with something neutral or simple such as blue jeans or in this case a neutral color dress.

Do you like my dress? If you do, I must confess it is not a dress but a coat. Yes, you heard right. I found a long vintage silk 70s dress with this coat over at Vintage Martini a couple of months ago. I loved the color right away and I knew I could wear both individually, all I had to do was add a belt and Voilà! Two dresses for the price of one! So next time you stumble upon a garment you wouldn’t normally wear (such as this over coat) think of a different way you could wear the piece. Sometimes just adding something as simple as a belt or a brooch makes all the difference.

I really had a lot of fun with this BDIB assignment. I think that neon + neutral is a genius pairing to wear this trend without feeling like a real life size traffic cone. I’m looking forward to finding creative ways to incorporate more neon colors into my summer wardrobe.

How about you will you give this trend a chance?

70s vintage silk coat/dress|JCrew Belt|Zara sandals|Forever 21 bracelet|Steve Madden Sunglasses


Everybody, Everywear: Lace

by Karla on June 14, 2011

I fell in love with this skirt while browsing online. I could feel the softness and sheerness of it through the monitor. But they were sold out online. So I decided to check out the actual White House Black Market store and I found it. On sale! It only cost $19 and so it was mine. I guess good things do come to those who wait. The lace fabric and peter pan collar drew me to this blouse and once it was announced that Everybody, Everywear would be doing a lace post I knew it be perfect for it.

I hope you’re having a good Tuesday!

{Urban Outfitters Lace blouse (similar blouse), WHBM skirt, Steve Madden belt, VellePurse slouch pouch, Forever 21 sandals, Steve Madden sunglasses}


Lace | Everybody, Everywear


Wet Hair Monday

by Karla on June 13, 2011

{Can you tell I hate Mondays? And Texas weather?}

I’m aware that what I’m about to say is some kind of beauty faux pas.

But I usually sport wet hair 75% of the time in the summer. It actually depends on the week; some weeks it’s 100% of the time. Normally if I’m not running late (which is never), I only blow dry my hair twice a week. But I wash my hair twice a day on most days… so it’s usually always air dried. I know this may seem a little extreme but I can’t make myself feel bad about this because I live in Texas. And if you live in Texas you know. YOU KNOW. As soon as you step outside you are sure to be showered with sweat. Yeah, you know what I mean.

Anyway, to keep this outfit from ending up just a pair of boring jeans and a striped shirt, I added the cork heels (which are so comfy by the way) and this bib necklace I got at Forever 21 a couple of years ago. And just because I love pink I added the fuchsia snakeskin belt.

If you haven’t yet, jump on the bright/neon nail polish bandwagon. It will make you smile just looking at it. Or it might not… That is, if you live in Texas.

{thrifted blouse, F21 bib necklace, J.Crew belt, F21 jeans, JS shoes, VellePurse slouch pouch}

Have a great week!

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by Karla on March 20, 2011

Happy First Day of Spring!

I’m really sad to say goodbye to winter. In Texas we call this Spring but in reality it should be called Summer 1. However, thanks to “Spring” I was able to wear this vintage 70′s dress again. It’s very flirty and comfortable and when I wear it I get stopped by ladies who sigh and reminisce for a second and go on to say to me “I used to have a dress just like that when I was young”. It makes them smile and it makes me happy.

A lot of people also tell me I should wear color more often, and I really really wish I could.

I’m drawn to black like a moth to a flame. So this is my attempt to break my boring black rut. Although, I make no promises… black will ALWAYS be the new black.

This bag is ginormous! It’s so huge it can double as a cat carrier. A Chic cat carrier.

{vintage dress, JCrew leopard belt, F21 slingback shoes, Zara handbag}

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