Ruffles Or Spikes

by Karla on June 24, 2011

I braved the heat and wore black, and this picture was the result.

Yep, it was THAT hot.

So I’m sitting here in the car writing this post because this is probably the only time I’ll have to write at all today. This week was stupid busy. Like seriously, I only had time to get sick. Who gets the flu in the summer anyway? Me.

Anyway I really love this skirt, I have it in two other prints. The ruffles kind of remind me of my brother’s plastic toy dinosaurs, you know the ones with the spikes on the back? So every time I wear it, I feel like Spike (he was my favorite, although I’m also partial to Petrie). This blouse is another favorite from Ann Taylor; the leopard print goes with everything. It’s my go-to blouse when I can’t think of anything else to wear, which happens more often than I care to admit. The shoes? They’re like old loves: Oldies but Goldies.

In case you ever want to invite me for a cup of coffee, my preferred drink is a Starbucks Red Eye. Depending on the day, I’ll take a Venti Red Eye or if I’m feeling really drained a Grande Black Eye. I’ve yet to try the Dead Eye… I kind of hope I never have to…

Hope you have a great weekend!

Ann Taylor silk blouse (similar blouse)|Express ruffled skirt|ALDO pumps|VellePurse slouch pouch|Steve Madden sunglasses (buy)|Michael Kors gold watch (buy)


K.I.S.S. Monday

by Karla on June 20, 2011

Here I am applying the K.I.S.S. method to this Monday.

Also, I had wayyyyyy too much seafood this weekend so this blouse is perfect for my bloated days. Silk blouses don’t cling so they’re perfect for hot weather and for days when you just don’t feel like sucking it in. This has actually been my uniform for work these past few weeks. I just grab a pair of jeans, a nice fresh top, some sandals and I’m out the door. Not very glamorous but I do try to add some accessories to spice it up.

This is one of the few silk blouses I have actually bought at a retail store and it was super cheap. I think I paid like $12 with tax. So you can find brand new silk blouses for a reasonable price. You just have to dig and buy it when you find it, cause chances are you won’t find it again. Well unless you go to a thrift store, then you can find 8 like I did last week.  Jealous?

I hope your Monday hasn’t been crazy and hectic, cause mine sure has.

LOFT silk blouse|F21 jeans|Franco Sarto sandals via Ross|VellePurse slouch pouch|Steve Madden Sunglasses|Michael Kors gold watch


Everybody, Everywear: Lace

by Karla on June 14, 2011

I fell in love with this skirt while browsing online. I could feel the softness and sheerness of it through the monitor. But they were sold out online. So I decided to check out the actual White House Black Market store and I found it. On sale! It only cost $19 and so it was mine. I guess good things do come to those who wait. The lace fabric and peter pan collar drew me to this blouse and once it was announced that Everybody, Everywear would be doing a lace post I knew it be perfect for it.

I hope you’re having a good Tuesday!

{Urban Outfitters Lace blouse (similar blouse), WHBM skirt, Steve Madden belt, VellePurse slouch pouch, Forever 21 sandals, Steve Madden sunglasses}


Lace | Everybody, Everywear

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